Madola Energy Ltd have been installing commercial solar for over a decade, we specialize in bespoke designs to fit the customers energy profile helping customer not only save money but help them head towards a carbon neutral future. There’s been no better time to invest into solar due to the current tax relief in place and all the other benefits that come with PV. Madola Energy have put together 3 FULLY FINANCED options for all of our customers to take advantage of!! Yes you heard right FULLY FINANCED and maintained for 25 years for a hassle free seamless installation. We can deliver any project with a full turn key solution so you don’t have to, our options are:-

  1. Hire purchase
  2. Asset Finance
  3. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

All 3 options require no capex from the company and is off balance sheet so what are you waiting for? Click on the link below for a free energy consultation and bespoke design today


Frequently asked questions on PPAs

Commercial Solar Owner Occupier Sites

1. Why do I need Solar for my business?

Solar panels help your business save money by generating
green electricity to be used onsite, lowering your energy demand from the grid during daylight hours and saving you thousands of pounds every year on energy bills. It will also show your commitment to supporting sustainable energy practices.

Solar is set to become the world’s largest source of power by 2035. Every year that you delay your solar decision is a year that you miss out on the financial and environmental benefits.

2. Is solar difficult to install?

Solar PV is easily installed when correctly planned and executed by experienced staff.

3. Is solar difficult to maintain?

Solar PV is generally considered a fit and forget technology as there are no moving parts. Maintenance is minimal and usually consists of a rolling five year electrical safety check to ensure compliance with the latest standards however panels do perform better with annual cleaning in certain environments.

4. Why should we consider a fully-funded solution?

Our capital free option allows you to utilise your roof space to benefit from reduced energy costs without any financial outlay. Through our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), you receive the benefits of solar a PV solution on an ‘all inclusive’ basis, covering purchase, installation and ongoing operational monitoring and maintenance.

This funded approach also negates the significant tax increases in business rates now being levied against companies who own their solar installation; with a PPA these rates do not apply as the system is not owned by the business, but by us.

In addition, we will upgrade our installations to realise maximum yield and will install batteries where this increases utilisation rates. After all, our interests are fully aligned in generating the maximum possible power from any system. The more power it generates the more CO2 we offset; the more money is saved and the greater the return we realise.

5. How does it work?

We enter into an agreement to lease the air space above your roof and you receive significantly reduced energy costs, along with the ability to deploy your capital for other business needs.

6. How much solar yield can we expect to realise one our assets?

On a standard roof we can fit between 15‐18w/sq ft. A 50,000sq ft building can support up to 900kWp of solar. This will produce between 751,000kWh in the North of England and 913,000kWh in parts of the South. Assuming power costs 14p/kWh the system will realise savings of between £105,140 and £127,820 per annum rising in line with energy price increases.

7. How much is the airspace lease?

We require between 15 and 25 years in order to realise our long‐term investment returns however we provide break clauses in any year from the 6th year.

8. Will the solar system cause leaks?

There are now over 800,000 solar installations in the UK. The technology is tried and tested and we provide insurance‐backed warranties against water ingress. The mounting equipment is designed to mitigate the possibility of water ingress and we have any number of happy customer testimonials to evidence this not being an issue.

9. Can you solve other problems?

Yes, we can offer re‐roofing / over‐cladding, LED and bird mitigation measures all wrapped into our PPA.

10. Do I need to have a Southerly facing face?

A relatively southern facing roof normally produces more power however an East / West roof can be used and even a Northern roof if the pitch is shallow.

11. Does Solar PV work in winter?

Yes, although lower amounts of power are produced in winter as the sun is lower in the sky, further away and the daylight hours are shorter.

12. Can Solar PV be installed on a flat roof?

A ballasted roof mounting system is used on a flat or very shallow pitched roof. Structural integrity and loading will need to be considered.

13. Will Solar PV improve my EPC rating?

Yes, an uplift in the EPC for the building will be achieved by introducing Solar Panels.

14. Does solar work during a power cut?

As a safety measure the inverters will switch off during a power cut as it would be dangerous for the Grid engineers to work on a live line.

15. What is the optimum system size?

System size could be restricted by a number of factors including, budget, available roof space, electricity consumption. We aim to provide a Solar PV generation that matches usage however we can also supply the unused power to other geographical sites by way of a ‘sleeving’ arrangement where a business has a large roof and numerous locations.

16. There is a lots of brands of panel, but which are the best?

Quality and efficiency of the panels varies with manufactures. Most reputable installers will only use Tier 1 panels that have an insurance backed warranty.

17. Do I need planing permission?

Generally Solar PV is a permitted development if the array size is less than 1megawatt, not on a national park or on a listed building.

18. What affects the amount of power generated?

Power generated or yield is determined by five physical factors. Location, pitch, orientation, array size and shading. It can be influenced by weather conditions, cabling loses, and system design. An estimated annual yield(kWh/A) is calculated by using industry standardized software.

19. Will the Solar system increase the life of my roof?

Yes! The solar panels will absorb the suns damaging rays and can prolong the life of your roof by up to 10 years.

20. What happens at the end of the airspace lease?

We remove & recycle the whole system and leave your roof in pre‐install condition